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The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory – Season 1, Episode 15

PGR Leonard, Wolowitz and Koothrappali all become smitten with Sheldon's twin sister, Missy; and Leonard devises a plan to eliminate his rivals.


The Big Bang Theory Episodes

    PGR Another chance to see The Big Bang Theory from the very beginning! Everything changes for two geeks when a free-spirited girl moves in next door.

    PGR Leonard volunteers to sign for a package, hoping to make a good impression on Penny, but when he involves his obsessive-compulsive roommate, Leonard sees his attempt at chivalry go horribly awry.

    PGR Leonard is depressed to learn that Penny is dating someone. As a result, encouraged by his friends and fellow scientists, Leonard actually summons the nerve to ask a woman out on a date.

    PGR After being fired from his job, Sheldon attempts to explore the 'dreadful' life beyond physics.

    PGR After sensing that his pursuit of Penny isn't going anywhere, Leonard agrees to an unexpected sexual encounter with fellow scientist Leslie Winkle.

    PGR The socially stunted guys are nervous when Penny invites them to a party she's hosting. They are ecstatic to find out that it's a Halloween party.

    PGR When Wolowitz seduces Penny's friend and ends up sleeping with her in Penny's apartment, Penny sleeps on Leonard and Sheldon's couch.

    PGR Raj becomes overwhelmed when his parents arrange a blind date for him, but he discovers he actually can talk to a member of the opposite sex after a few drinks.

    G Sheldon and Leonard are invited to present their joint findings at a physics conference, but Sheldon refuses. Penny steps in to mediate, but this deepens the rift between the best friends.

    G After hearing Penny sing, Leonard lies to avoid seeing her perform. Sheldon goes one step further with a more elaborate lie, leading to the appearance of his non-existent cousin.

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