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The Barefoot Bandits

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  • The Barefoot Bandits Episodes

      • Sunday 14 Feb 2016

      G New Series: Animated comedy in which three friends on the Kiwi island of Ngaro set out to investigate all of the island's secrets. With the voice talent of Rhys Darby, Temuera Morrison and Leigh Hart.

      • Sunday 21 Feb 2016

      G When the Bandits spot an iceberg on a collision course with Ngaro Island, they do everything in their power to stop it... while also trying to escape the clutches of a recently defrosted Mammoth Man.

      • Sunday 28 Feb 2016

      G When Mayor Dennis Gobb (Rhys Darby) runs for re-election, he finds himself running against a mysterious new politician who the Bandits suspect may be hiding a dark secret.

      • Sunday 6 Mar 2016

      G A freak lightning storm hits Ngaro, bringing with it a mysterious stranger and a miraculous super suit that fits Mayor Dennis Gobb perfectly.

      • Sunday 13 Mar 2016

      G The legend of the Ghost Dinghy is well-known on Ngaro, so when the ghost of Captain Cragglechin (John Rhys-Davies) shows up, Tane, Fridge and Riley are delighted to find out that the stories are true.

      • Sunday 20 Mar 2016

      G Mayor Dennis Gobb's budgie has been stolen and the Bandits are determined to find the culprits. Guest starring Jason Hoyte (Late Night Big Breakfast)

      • Saturday 2 Apr 2016

      G A toxic fertiliser turns the vegetables on Ngaro into zombies and the Barefoot Bandits must team up with Mr Slab (Leigh Hart) to take them down.

      • Saturday 9 Apr 2016

      G The Barefoot Bandits discover the entrance to a strange underground world inhabited by an unusual race of creatures. Guest starring Jemaine Clement.

      • Saturday 16 Apr 2016

      G The Barefoot Bandits make a historic discovery, and they must do everything in their power to protect it. Guest starring Rima Te Wiata.

      • Saturday 23 Apr 2016

      G Season Finale: The real Tumeke Space comes to Ngaro Island for a convention and the Barefoot Bandits take him on an adventure he'll never forget.