The Barefoot Bandits

The Barefoot Bandits are setting out to discover the secrets of their island home. Join the adventure! Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
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    G A mysterious ship crash lands on Ngaro which leads Tane, Fridge and Riley to believe that an alien may be lurking somewhere on the island.

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      • Curse of the Mummy Monkey

      G When a mummified monkey is found during the town cleanup, everyone's worst fears start to come true.

      • Assault on Prefab 1B

      G It's Dads' Night at Ngaro School, but instead of a nice parent-teacher chat, they find themselves trapped by their square-eyed, mesmerised kids!

      • Beware the Kunekune

      G During a school trip to a cabin in the woods, the Barefoot Bandits come face to face with the fabled WereKunekune!

      • Fairy Scary

      G Tāne, Fridge and Riley are setting up for a nice camping trip when Fridge is kidnapped by a bunch of patupaiarehe!

      • The Other Bandits

      G The Barefoot Bandits meet their match when Sebastian joins forces with an old foe from their past to create a rival crew of Bandits. Better, stronger, faster Bandits!