After 12 weeks of ups and downs, Rachel got her happy ending.
The 13th Bachelorette followed her heart in last night’s finale. 



12 eligible bachelors were whittled down to three, and Rachel faced a seemingly impossible decision.

Would she choose passion over stability? The fairy tale ending or the unfamiliar adventure?  

“Never did I ever think I’d feel this way about three men, and at the same damn time!” she said.

Bryan, Eric and Peter. It was inevitable that somebody would get their heart broken.

The final three, at the final rose ceremony.

Three became two early on, in the final rose ceremony.

Eric lost his chance, when Rachel claimed that although she loved him, she wasn’t in love with him.

Always the nice guy, Eric thanked Rachel and departed, trying to hold himself together.  

“She introduced me to love, and fulfilled my heart,” he said later. 

Rachel at the final rose ceremony, making a tough decision.


From the beginning, Rachel made it clear what she wanted. Marriage.

Despite being in love with Rachel, matrimony was the one thing Peter couldn’t commit to, yet.

In a devastating turn of events, they agreed to go their separate ways, acknowledging that they wanted different things.

Peter’s departing words, “if you change your mind, you know where to find me…”

(If he’s not the next Bachelor, we’ll be staging a protest.) 

Peter at the final rose ceremony.

That meant only one remained. The 'steady guy', Bryan.

“When I’m with Bryan, I feel like I’m in a fairy tale. I’m definitely his princess,” Rachel said of their relationship.

 It seemed only fitting, that after receiving her first ever Rose, Bryan was the man Rachel chose.

The next day, Rachel admitted that she always thought he was too good to be true. But after some soul searching, she realised she couldn’t imagine her life without him. 

Rachel with Bryan, moments after his proposal.

“You are everything I could ever want in a woman. I just want to love you for the rest of my life,” Bryan told Rachel in return.

Then of course, he dropped a knee. She said yes. And they all lived happily ever after (for now anyway).