We chart 5 memorable moments from The Bachelorette so far!

So we’ve met the 34 lucky men, some more memorable than others and some memorable for all the wrong reasons! The men definitely pulled out all the gimmicks and tricks to stand out from the crowd. We're only two episodes deep and already there are celebrity guests, scandal, lies and fierce competition. We take a closer look at 5 memorable moments from The Bachelorette.

1. The Doll

Adam and his doll Adam Junior.

The bachelors tried to make an unforgettable first impression, the worst by far; Adam the 27-year-old real estate agent, who arrived to meet Rachel with a mini-Adam doll he named AJ (Adam Junior) the doll appeared to have a French accent too, talk about creepy! In his bachelorette bio he was asked “What’s the most romantic gift you’ve ever received?” he replied “Threesome. It was my Birthday” we sincerely hope the doll wasn’t involved. We're left wondering if Adam's sidekick will appear throughout the series?

2. The Non-consensual Tickling

Jonathan the tickle monster with Rachel Lindsay.

Jonathan, 31, labelled his occupation Tickle Monster.  He may well be the worst man on the show.  Surely he could’ve chosen to name his profession, but perhaps ‘Tickle Monster’ is code for unemployed? Jonathan made quite the impression. He arrived and proceeded to tickle Rachel without asking… awkward. She did her best and managed to refrain from kneeing him in the groin. We don’t think he will go far in the competition.

3. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis with Rachel Lindsay.

Look up #CoupleGoals in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Ashton and Mila. The loved up celebrity husband and wife are long-time fans of the show and made a guest appearance to support Rachel! Ashton and Mila challenged the bachelors with a Husband Material Obstacle Course; the contestants had to change a doll’s nappy, vacuum, set a dining table and gift a bouquet to Rachel. The couple gushed that the reality show is their ‘guilty pleasure’ so we hope to see them make a guest appearance again soon.

4. The Bombshell

DeMario's girlfriend Lexi.

We’re only two episodes in and an elephant sized bombshell has already dropped, cue woman scorned. After The Bachelorette basketball game, it was literally game over for one contestant; DeMario. Rachel was met by Lexi, a woman who said she was still in a relationship with DeMario *gasp* Lexi claimed she had proof that they were still together before the very start of The Bachelorette. That is until he upped and disappeared! Rachel summoned DeMario and was mortified to find him waffling his way through excuse after excuse, talk about embarrassing.  Rachel handled it like a pro, “I’m not here to be played and I’m not here to be made a joke of” she told him.

5. The Whaboom Guy

Lucas Yancey greets Rachel Lindsay.

When Lucas arrived in his limo, he used a mega horn to communicate with Rachel, because yelling at a woman is a sure fire way to get her attention. His occupation is listed as Whaboom and as part of his introduction to Rachel he says “it’s all about Whaboom” – whatever that means? He doesn’t explain any further… He then proceeds to do a Jim-Carrey-like-weird-shaking-head-movement whilst yelling "WHAAABOOM" like a dog. So it is fair to say we are a little interested slash terrified of exactly what Whaboom is? 

We'll have to wait and see how the season unfolds, we're hoping for more bombshells, more celebs and less creepy doll appearances.

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