The cast has been announced for season 13 of The Bachelorette and it boasts ethnic diversity like we’ve never seen before... 

Rachel Lindsay’s quest for love features  “the most successful, most diverse, and of course, the most dramatic cast we’ve ever had in this show” in the words of longtime host Chris Harrison.

In the past the show’s lack of diversity has been widely critiqued as The Bachelorette has cast predominantly white men. Our newest bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay; a successful lawyer from Texas will meet 31 men ranging in professions from doctors and lawyers to musicians and models. 

Rachel Lindsay had her heart broken by Nick Viall in the last season of The Bachelor but she made it further than any other African American woman in the The Bachelor’s history. This is the first time an African American woman has been cast as The Bachelorette, it seems a shift toward a more inclusive direction for the series. The 32-year-old Lindsay has broken "Bachelorette tradition" announcing she is engaged before the first episode has premiered! Signalling true love is on the horizon for this hard-working, fun-loving attorney.

Rachel Lindsay is going to be the best bachelorette yet we’re certain, she’s the perfect fit because she is smart, clever, funny and old enough to know what she wants in life and she also happens to be African American. 

We cannot wait to see how Rachel's journey to find love will unfold!

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