Season 14 Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin

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After having her heart broken by un-eligible Bachelor Arie Luyendyk last year, Season 14 Bachelorette Becca deserves a happy ending. 

In the recent finale, Becca had to pick between the two finalists, Blake and Garrett. 

They were ready to spend their lives with her, and having strong feelings for both of them, Becca didn’t take the decision lightly. 

Blake was, by Becca’s own admission, her steadiest, most constant relationship. “The one I could turn to at any time. I knew that you’d be a partner, and a teammate.

"But through all of that, because we were so solid, I was overlooking other relationships. I think there’s better people out there for both of us,” she said.

Blake was visibly blindsided, walking away speechless and heartbroken.

Shortly after, Becca told Garrett that she felt something strong for him since the very beginning. “You reminded me of home, and of one of the most important men in my entire life, my dad.” 

They admitted their love for each other, and Garett wasted no time in proposing, to which Becca obviously accepted. 

However, the Bachelor nation wasn’t too pleased with Becca’s final decision. 

Becca and Garrett in After the Final Rose.

Earlier in the season Garrett was slammed on social media, for engaging with racist and homophobic Instagram posts. 

He apologised for his “mindless” behaviour, before deleting his account and starting fresh. 

Becca stood up for Garrett, asking fans to be open-minded. “I came into this knowing that I was going to meet men from different backgrounds and walks of life. I wanted to be open to everyone, and I hope that viewers can do the same thing.” 

In the finale special, After the Final Rose, Garrett confirmed that him and Becca are stronger than ever. “I’m trying to grow as a better person, and she’s helping me through everything,” he said. 

Becca claims that she knows her new fiancé inside and out, “his heart and his soul” and she wouldn't change a thing.

They’re excited that their relationship can finally be public, and look forward to planning their future together. 

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