The Amazing Gayl Pile

Gayl Pile finds himself stuck in the daily grind as a host on the Shop-At-Home-Channel while on a misguided quest to conquer the world of home shopping.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    16L Gayl's world gets turned upside down when he meets Australian female beauty expert JD Castlemane.

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      16LC Gayl lives large in his fancy new condo, and enjoys his lucrative position as a spokesman for the Asexual Association of America. J.D. is jealous of Gayl's newfound success, and the Shop At Home Channel staff struggle to get by without Renée.

      16LC Gayl buckles under the pressure of his new responsibilities as an asexual advocate, and J.D. begins his new career as a full time host at the Shop at Home Channel. With nowhere else to go, Renée moves into Rev. Dave's utility closet.

      16LC Gayl and J.D. rekindle their friendship, but J.D. can't help but mock Gayl's asexual lifestyle. A mysterious stranger infiltrates the studio and teaches Gayl a lesson he won't soon forget.

      16LC After incurring the wrath of his boss at the Asexual Association of America, Gayl is tasked with opening Hamilton's first A-bar, a swinging hotspot for asexuals. Meanwhile, Renée's boyfriend moves in to Rev. Dave's tiny room.

      16LC Gayl is a nervous wreck after his nipple gets activated via incidental contact with a woman. He becomes increasingly sensitive to the sexually charged atmosphere at work, and begins to experiment with digital narcotics.

      16LC After a freak snowstorm, the Shop at Home Channel gang get trapped in the studio for Thanksgiving. The coworkers band together in the spirit of the season, but Gayl's intestinal parasite threatens to ruin the festivities.

      16LC Traumatised by recent events at work, Gayl numbs himself with powerful digital narcotics. J.D. reveals his plan to rebuild his marsupial pouch mucus empire, and Renée's bachelorette party goes off the rails.

      16LC A mysterious Sikh electrician reveals to Gayl the horrible truth about J.D. Castlemane. Gayl and Rev. Dave follow J.D. to a secret location and uncover a nefarious plot involving black market kangaroos.

      16LC Gayl and JD announce their plans to create "Rootopia", an idyllic farm to raise kangaroos and harvest their pouch mucus. Unfortunately, Gayl's colleagues at the Asexual Association of America have different, more violent plans.

      16LC Renée and Dijon gear up for their live wedding spectacular on the Shop at Home Channel. J.D. seeks revenge after a stunning betrayal, and Gayl embarks on a dangerous mission to put an end to the asexual threat, once and for all.