The Adventures of Suzy Boon

Suzy's still trying to find her place in the world. In the last week of her trial period at the NZ Immigration Service, there's a lot to prove. Suzy wants to stay on the job, but she's got a lot of other things on her mind.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    AO Suzy is reminded by her boss, Linleigh, that her job trial at the NZ Immigration Service will be ending soon and only two vacancies will be filled. Nervous, Suzy makes another attempt to bond with her co-workers.

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      M After 6 years in single cell, for not having the proper visa when entering Brazil, Suzy Boon is finally allowed to join the other inmates. She soon discovers the violent Prison Warden has an instant dislike towards Kiwis and will need to do anything she can to survive. Don't be chicken, Suzy.

      M After a rocky introduction to the Brazilian prison system, Suzy continues to struggle to make any warm human connection. She, however, finds a potential way to make friends - she joins the annual beauty pageant. Maybe, if they think she is talented and pretty, they won't be a jerk to her?

      M Although she has failed in killing Suzy once, Carly Jackson and her gang - the Swiss Army Knife Sisters - smugly tell her she's marked for death for her direct involvement in killing Carlos, the late criminal chicken. An actual chicken who Carly adored. Fortunately, Suzy finds protection and friends in another gang: Mario and the Nice Warriors.

      M Carly is still set on bloody revenge - and she has the perfect plan to murder Suzy. After a series of misunderstandings - including accidentally injuring a New Zealand Consulate Lawyer - Suzy is doubtful she will ever be able to return back to New Zealand and see her dad again. Well, at least breathing. Maybe in a body bag or something. Hopefully she gets a proper funeral, right?

      M The situation escalates with both Carly and the Warden wanting an immediate taste of Suzy. She needs to do something fast. Especially when she gets a heartwarming reminder of the life she left behind in good old New Zealand. Inspired not to get shanked, Suzy and the Nice Warriors devise a plan to break out. Like that TV show "Prison Break".

      M Series Final: There's no time like the present. Although Suzy wants to stay for dinner - they are serving a yummy local dish - she heeds Mario's wise words and escapes immediately. With both the Warden and Carly hot on her tail - both literally and figuratively - Suzy has to make some sacrifices if she truly wants to return to New Zealand.