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The Adulterer

A chance meeting between a photographer and a top legal attorney leads to an instant and undeniable attraction. As they struggle with their feelings for one another, their families become entangled in a web of corruption, lies and murder. Dutch with English subtitles.

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The Adulterer
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    Season 1, Episode 1

    MS When Iris and Willem meet, the attraction is immediate. Unfortunately, they are both married - Iris to state prosecutor Pepijn and Willem to Elsie, the daughter of a dubious real estate tycoon.

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      M A mysterious woman appears with a message for Willem. Meanwhile, Bjorn plans to get married to a prostitute.

      M Anna Eckhardt offers William a chance to finally get rid of himself at Couwenberg. However, he has made a promise to Iris. Meanwhile, Pepijn investigates prostitute Wendy.

      M Willem and Anna get back on track, looking for the role Couwenberg played in the death of a project developer. Meanwhile, hacker Alex tries to seduce Marit into a date.

      M Iris and Willem stop speaking to each other. Pippin and Couwenberg make Elsie a bizarre proposal. Marit is bothered by her conscience.

      M Couwenberg is released and argues with Bjorn about Wendy. Meanwhile, Marit is being stalked by Alex.

      M Menno is in a critical condition in the hospital. Meanwhile, Reinier notices that Marit is behaving strangely.

      M Pippin is desperate and asks the the PPS for one last chance. Meanwhile, Couwenberg wonders who betrayed him, and Bjorn struggles to understand why Wendy has left.

      M Iris and Menno receive the worst possible message. Willem finds out the truth about Macrander - but it's very different from what he thought.

      M Willem and Couwenberg are at risk. Marit looks for help to get rid of Alex.

      M Season Finale: Willem takes responsibility for his past. Iris is at the airport with her son when she gets the fright of her life.