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Te Radar's Chequered Past Episodes

    PGR New Series: Te Radar celebrates the true stories of the history that history tried to forget, with re-enactments featuring some well-known faces.

    G Te Radar joins Minister of Public Works Bob Semple as he directs the creation of one of the most fantastic machines ever built in this country to ensure our safety.

    PGR Te Radar steps back in time to meet a gang of goldfield killers led by Richard Burgess.

    G Te Radar joins Thomas Brunner, his Maori guides, their wives and Rover the dog on their epic 550-day trek.

    G It is 1892 and Taranaki is plagued by a spate of highway robberies by one of our most inept criminals, the masked Taranaki Highwayman.

    G The daredevil feats of Charles Lorraine, our first aeronaut, who performs gymnastic stunts while dangling from a parachute. Plus a host of other daring kiwis who risked life and limb.

    G The rather poorly Dr Issac Featherston is livid when his Maori War commander General Chute picks a fight with the New Zealand landscape, spurring Featherston to consider mutiny.

    G Series Final: Te Radar celebrates some of our finest politicians, including cut-price butcher and teller of tall tales Jackson Barry.