By Ripeka Timutimu|| @ripekatimutimu

Tāmaki Makaurau. A city admired and desired by many and this year’s election is no different.

What began as a one horse race earlier in the year with many picking the incumbent, Labour's Peeni Henare, to take the race easily, has turned into a 100m sprint worthy of a photo finish as the Māori party candidate, Shane Taurima makes his move. The Greens candidate, Marama Davidson is in the outside lanes, and whilst it’s highly unlikely she will take the race, the tenacity and passion to help the most vulnerable will get her a big chunk of the party vote.

But this is the thing about the Tāmaki rohe. It is a pan-tribal melting pot, or boil up pot, in this case, full to the brim of complex and diverse issues.

Henare took the seat by only 1400 votes last election. 

Taurima is running a tight campaign and sees a real opportunity to cut into those numbers.

From billboards in Glen Innes to flashy promos on Facebook, the former broadcaster is projecting his message and face everywhere. 

The 33,000 enrolled voters will have a tough job picking off the menu of candidates in this year’s race.

Tāmaki Makaurau.

Still desired and admired by many.

Come Election Day we shall see who exactly will win her heart.

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