Rei a.k.a. Callum Rei McDougall (Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga, Ngāti Huia) is a 23-year-old urban artist from Wellington. 

“Urban! So that’s like hip-hop, rap, singing - but I take a lot of electronic, dance influences as well. I take reggae and stuff like that. So, everything I listen to makes its way into my music somehow.”

Since completing a degree in Te Reo Māori and Marketing at Victoria University in 2017, Rei has been able to merge his music and te reo, enabling him to perform his music in both languages.

“You just got to overcome the whakamā and fear about being wrong.” 

The likes of Scribe and Pieter T have been mentoring and guiding Rei as well as encouraging him to write more songs in Te Reo Māori. He's also worked with TEEKS who advised on his single E kī  which he describes as a 'risky' track. An indication of how this artist likes to push boundaries.

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