Music has always been a big part of growing up for Majic Paora, so it’s no surprise to find that becoming an artist wasn’t a hard choice, if it was a choice at all.

“I’m an artist today because it was destined, I suppose,” Majic muses.

“I’ve been singing since I was four, and professionally since I was 12, and my dad was the biggest motivator in everything that I’ve done.

“The reason why I sing is because, honestly, if I can make someone smile, like once a day? That’s cool.”

Majic has been a constant in the NZ music scene, performing regularly at music festivals all over the country. Her preferred genre lies in roots and reggae, and she believes she has a responsibility as a singer to do more than entertain.

“Spreading conscious messages, messages about our indigenous people, our history – which is the reason why I do reggae music – that is the main reason.

“It’s always been my job. We always have to have a job at home and my job was ngā mahi waiata, ngā mahi pūoro.”

So how has the year been for the young muso?

“I’ve had two babies, I’ve really gotten into my fitness lately – this year really has been about finding myself and really just transitioning into being an adult.”

For Ngā Tui a Rehua, Majic performs Mana Wahine, a song that holds great meaning for her.

“I tito a Nat Rose rāua ko tana hoa i tēnei waiata. Kua waiata ahau i tēnei waiata mō ngā tau maha, ki te taha o tōku tungāne, a Robbie. He kaupapa tino pai tēnei nō reira koinā te take kua waiatatia au te waiata nei i tēnei wā.”

In terms of what the future holds, don’t expect anything to be revealed just yet.

“I don’t want to say anything specific because you just gotta watch my space!”

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