Hailing from Waipu, brothers Henry and Lewis de Jong (Ngāti Pikiao), and their friend Ethan Trenbath are a novelty in the Māori music industry, playing a style of music normally reserved for mainstream; thrash metal.

Writing their songs in te reo Māori, the band pays homage to their Māori roots.

“Āe, i kōrero mātou e pā ana ki tō mātou tupuna, te hītori o Aotearoa, i roto i te reo Māori i roto i tō mātou waiata,” hei tā Henry de Jong.

The genre of music the band plays allows them the freedom to express thoughts and themes that other genres do not.

“There’s kind of no limitation when you are playing metal, you don’t have to tone it down,” says Henry.

Inspiration for their music came from their surroundings. As children, the boys were often told stories by their father who would ask them questions about landmarks and places whilst travelling, and while they admit that during their younger years they weren’t so receptive to his stories, they eventually came around.

“We used to say, ‘Oh, bloody hell, Dad, more of your boring stories!’ But we grew to actually listen to them and find them quite interesting,” says Lewis De Jong.

One of these stories comes to life in their song Raupatu which speaks about the land confiscations by the colonial governments in the mid 1800’s.

“They (Crown) used lots of sneaky laws to confiscate land from Māori,” says Lewis.

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