A prestigious environmental group is praising the government's goal of working towards zero carbon emissions. 

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has penned an open letter gushing over the government's intention which also has support from iwi and business leaders.

The Climate Change Minister James Shaw says he's is happy a powerful organisation has penned an open letter praising the government, business and NZ citizens.


"That's what this letter demonstrates, right? Is that actually we're all on the same team here and that represents a real breakthrough and gives me a great deal of hope that we're going to be able to get this done."


The goal of the government is by 2050, carbon emissions will be zero. 

But Māori climate change campaigner Mike Smith says 32 years to reach that goal is too long to wait.


"2050 is too far out; we need to be moving a lot faster than that. But there lays the political problem the government is only going to be as courageous as it feels that it can be with the support of the community."


It appears that the community is behind this cause, even two big energy companies - Meridian and Z Energy.