As a member of the Westpac Rescue Chopper Service, Atirau Wynyard, deals with horrific accidents, trauma, and near death scenarios nearly every day.

But yesterday, his team had a different kind of mission, as they took several seriously ill children to the skies to fulfil their dreams,

“I think they forget about their sickness for a brief moment, for 10 minutes they’re flying with us and you can see that on their faces.”

Owen is a patient at Starship Hospital and he sees these helicopters flying from his bedside.

Yesterday, Owen was invited by Wynyard and the Westpac Helicopter Rescue Crew to board and fly the helicopter around Auckland.

Wynyard says it’s about giving back.

“It's awesome to be able to take those little boys up in the helicopter with us because it gives them an appreciation of being able to do something that usually we take people that are sick from accidents. But for these little boys to be able to come up and get a ride up in here, that's awesome.”

It’s a dream come true for the boys but it’s also a great honour for Wynyard whose been working with helicopters for 20 odd years.

“So we're on all day as you probably know, it consists of us being at, mostly accidents, where people really need us to give them medical treatment. But for today it was all about these little boys coming with us to have fun. So that's an awesome 15 - 20 minutes out of my day to be able to do something like that for them.”

Saving lives but today they got to make some dreams come true.