The Warriors Women’s face a tough task ahead of them tonight as they come up against premiership leaders, the Brisbane Broncos in Melbourne.

Player Krystal Rota says their confidence is still strong despite the loss last week.

“Obviously coming off the back of a loss some people can tend to drop their confidence but I’m feeling quite confident in what the girls can do, but we just got to go out there and execute what we practised.”

The Warriors Women’s were thrashed by the Dragons 22 – 10.

Coach Luisa Avaiki says the loss is simple to explain as the defence line was weak.

“We weren’t as cohesive in defence not tying in filling those spaces and because we pride ourselves in our defence it was first and foremost fixing our defence.”

And Rota believes if the team sticks to the game plan they will succeed.

“When we played the Dragons, we went away from that it didn’t work for us.

“So we just need to return to our game plan against the Broncos tonight and hopefully, things work out for us.”

The Brisbane Broncos women are undefeated in the competition and are guaranteed a spot in the final.

However, Rota also says the Warriors women are feeling confident.

“This is do or die this weekend.

“We need to win convincingly in order to go through to because the Dragons are on our tail as well, so we got one each.”

The Warriors Women’s side are in Melbourne today with kick-off is set for 7:40 pm NZT.