The Vodafone Warriors women’s side to play in the inaugural NRL women’s premiership has been named.

The 22-strong squad is filled with current and former Kiwi Ferns player including Laura Mariu, Sarina Clark (nee Fiso) and Lorina Papali’i.

Coach Luisa Avaiki, a former Kiwi Ferns captain, says the players are pioneers in women’s rugby league.

“To be here, to represent the Warriors, for them it means they’re representing their families, it means they’re representing their kids, they’re representing their clubs and they’re representing every girl at grassroots and at club that wants to play at this highest level.

“So they’re trailblazers, they’re setting the pathway for future young girls who are coming through our game, our female pathways here in New Zealand. “

History has also been made with the naming of Papali’i who, alongside her son Isaiah of the Warriors men’s side, becomes the first mother and son pair representing one club at the same time.


1.       Raquel Anderson-Pitman

2.       Sarina Clark

3.       Lisa Edwards

4.       Luisa Gago

5.       Georgia Hale

6.       Amber Kani

7.       Onjeurlina Leiataua

8.       Hilda Mariu

9.       Laura Mariu

10.   Va'anessa Molia-Fraser

11.   Apii Nicholls

12.   Tanika-Jazz Noble-Bell

13.   Annetta-Claudia Nuuausala

14.   Lorina Papali'i

15.   Kahurangi Peters

16.   Krystal Rota

17.   Aieshaleigh Smalley

18.   Masuisuimatamaalii (Sui) Tauasa-Pauaraisa

19.   Crystal Tamarua

20.   Alice Vailea

21.   Langi Veainu

22.   Shontelle Woodman