Police believe three homicides in the Waikato region over the last two weeks are all linked to gangs.

One man was gunned down; another was found dead in his living room and a third body discovered floating in a popular swimming spot.

One of the victims was from Ngāruawāhia and the community are highly speculating that P is at the centre of it all.

Ngāruawāhia based gang Tribal Huck plays a huge role in the community advocating anti P use and making sure the community is safe and sound.

They eventually set up a gaming area for the rangatahi in Ngāruawāhia at no cost as a way to keep the leaders of tomorrow occupied.

Up to 60 police officers are on the investigations and final safety warnings to the general public. 

The Police are putting the call out there to anyone with any details to get in touch now with the Waikato Regional Office.