Popular recording artist Vince Harder releases his latest EP 'Colours' today. 

It's been three years since his last EP and this latest instalment is self-produced.

The singles 'Sugar Coated' and 'Colours' are only the instalment for the four remaining singles off 'EP Colours' to be released. 

Harder says there is a mixture of modern and older sounds. 

"I've definitely gone for the 60s sound in terms of the organic sound the way the guitars and the drums have been mixed and things like that. I try to go consistently with how it sounds vocally."

Harder who has worked with many artists over the past decade, including collaborating with Māori artists. 

Known for co-writing and co-producing winning Maioha Award single 'Aotearoa' at the 2015 APRA Silver Scrolls, Harder also says he hopes listeners' will like his new six-track EP.

"I'm hoping listeners' will get a taste of where I am at as a songwriter, as an artist. Hopefully, love the song and enjoy the song."

EP drops on all platforms today.