It was another day at the Waka Ama Nationals yesterday with elite athletes taking to the water looking to qualify for this year’s world sprints.

One of those competitors was national and world champion Tupuria King and he is hoping to push himself even further as an athlete.

“Yeah tough race, the first one is always the hardest. You know it blows out the cobwebs but you know its good ‘cause it gives you an idea on what you need to fix on for the next race and warms you up, so ready for the next one.”

He may have crossed the finish line first; however, King was the last to the starting line almost missing the race.

“Yeah I was pushing the time. Usually they're running a little bit late behind time but this time they were right on schedule so I’m not going to do that for the next race.”

He has won many gold medals even winning gold at the world sprints, but he still wants to improve.

“The aim this national is definitely to do my best in the 500 metres sprint. That’s my main goal this year because I’ve got four titles in the 500m and five in the 250m so it’s really my goal to try and even that up. But I always just say I always just like to try giving it my best performance to date and that's all I can ask for.”

Also, he’s thinking about the world sprints to be hosted in Tahiti this July.

“We’ve got a strong team and a really good coach Mark Malaki Williams behind us and we're looking forward to the selection because there are a lot of strong boys that have put their name forward so we're looking to really give it a good go.”

Even with the challenging waves ahead he’s aiming to part them with the prow of his canoe.