The Silver Scrolls are one of the most prestigious awards when it comes to songwriting in New Zealand.

This year Te Whānau a Apanui's Troy Kingi is one of only five top selections for the supreme award for his very own tune, Aztechknowledgey.

Kingi describes his sound as an embodiment of his imagination and says it’s what got him selected among the country's top songwriters.

“The whole album is fiction, it’s like a science fiction novel and this song starts midway through.

“If the album was in chronological order this song would be in the middle of the story.

“It’s about a father whose passed through a time travelling portal into this fifth dimension and it’s like an Aztec civilisation.”

He also says the world and all its experiences is what informs his artistry, his compositions and his music.

“I get a lot of inspiration from everyday life.

“When you listen to my lyrics, they’re quite metaphorical.

“I like leaving it up to the listener to decipher what they think it is about and sometimes people tell me this is what I think this song is about and, in most cases, it’s better than what my initial idea was.”

But there's no rest for Kingi as he’s now working on his next album which he admits looks at some serious issues.

“I’m currently working on my third album called Holy Colony, burning acres, and it’s very political.

“Let’s just put it that way.”

The Silver Scrolls ceremony takes places tonight where we'll find out who'll take the top prize.