The government has announced the controversial TPPA, now known as CPTTP will be signed in March.

The trade agreement could see the elimination of tariffs in 11 countries, including New Zealand, Canada and Japan.

The government says they are satisfied with the agreement and PM Jacinda Ardern says one clause, in particular, remains solid which is the Treaty of Waitangi and its principles.

“Our cultural exception has been incredibly important to New Zealand and the protection of our ability to make sure that we are able to enforce.”

From the start, the agreement has had many against it, including Jane Kelsey.

“It is as bad a deal it was when Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens all in minority reports in the select committee said they wouldn't support its ratification.”

The PM says although we did not get everything we wanted out of the agreement; there are still significant gains for NZ and its economy.

“You don't always get everything that you want. But we made significant changes, important ones and ones that on balance allow us to also help our exporters whilst also protecting NZ interests.”

Greens Party co-leader James Shaw says the Greens oppose this agreement.

“This package just doesn't stack up against our set of standards.”

It is understood National will support the CPTPP; it will then go to select committee for consideration before being enacted later this year.