Tomorrow People have just launched their newest album BBQ Reggae which is now sitting #1 on NZ top charts.

“To be one of the only NZ reggae bands to hit that spot is a massive achievement” says band member Marcus Abraham.

'BBQ Reggae; is their new album which according to Abraham was launched at One Love last month.

“The BBQ Reggae name was a take from an article written in 2012 just lumping our genre of NZ reggae into this negative title bbq reggae and that's what we wanted to put on our album to show that people can take us seriously and now that album has hit no.1

Single EP 'Don’t Wanna Fight It' has gone viral and on the album, one of their songs is in three different languages, te reo Māori, Samoan and English.

Band member Hamo Dell says the song was inspired by the different backgrounds of the band members.

“Just because we're all from different places it was kind of an idea to show that we appreciate where each other comes from and just was a chance to speak in our mother languages and it had a really awesome response.”

According to member Ken Saupese, their ultimate goal is to do more music as this is just a side job hobby for the band.

“We all have 9 - 5 jobs Mon - Fri then we turn this switch and become oh what are you Hamo's a star from Saturday - Sunday and then back to not being a star on Monday.”

They are set to jam at Mai Summer Jams today in Manukau and then in Mangawhai tonight.