The winter months have set in, hitting those living rough on the streets the hardest. 

As a response, the Auckland City Mission has created the city's only women's shelter, Te Whare Manaaki. 

The shelter is the mission's response to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's call, asking all New Zealanders to help the homeless over winter.

The shelter has 10 beds, showers and a place to wash clothing. 

According to the Auckland City Mission spokesperson, Helen Robinson, there are many issues that homeless women go through daily.

"If you're menstruating, what you do? These are issues that women face on a day to day basis if they're rough sleeping." 

Two weeks ago, the night shelter opened. 

The staff members are all women and Team Leader Joanne Rama-Manga says there are many services there to support women.

"The experience that we want to create is one that's empowering and linking them into the other services that we have at the mission."

Even though the shelter will only be running for the winter, the organiser hopes more funding will allow this kaupapa to stay open for longer.