By Te Karere


Flood-stricken locals in Thames have aired their concerns about the lack of communication during last week's storm.

Civil Defence Minister Kris Faafoi went to Thames to look at the damaged caused to the main highway and small communities like Te Puru.

While he thanked Civil Defence staff and officials for their hard work in recent days, locals believe more could have been done.

A Te Puru local said, “A big consideration was that we didn’t have sufficient information. We had no communication. There was no information about roads, it was confusing.  It kept changing.”

Faafoi, on the other hand, says, “On the whole, I think there’s always some room for improvement in these situations. As I said to the meeting, they’re moving beasts, but I think that if you speak to the community overall they’re pretty happy with where things are at in the Coromandel, they’ve got lots of visitors.“

However, it seems they will now have time to air and dry their belongings as according to weather reports, there won't be any wet weather for them anytime soon.