Shelves are growing bare at the Tauranga Community Foodbank and with winter fast approaching costs are climbing and so too is demand.

Organiser Nicki Goodwin says they are calling for help from the community to ensure they have enough for families in need.   

“We are in the same predicament as the people we help ironically. Our costs have gone up and we're trying to budget.”

The Tauranga foodbank is calling for help from its community. Winter is approaching so demand for food parcels and help will increase.

Goodwin also says they're not only asking for food donations but also help to pay its rent which is over $40,000 a year.

Volunteer Barney Tamanui says more families are coming in and since he’s been there himself, it’s now his opportunity to give back.

“He nui ngā tangata e haramai ana ia wā, ia wiki, ka aroha.Te mean nui ka kī te ngakau ka haere rātou he menemene ana, he koakoa ana.”