Tania Kura is the first Māori policewoman to be appointed as Eastern District Commander.

With 30 years' experience in the New Zealand Police, the Superintendent will head the Eastern District which extends from the East Cape through to Hawke’s Bay.

Yesterday Kura was welcomed by the local people in Tolaga Bay area.

“Pretty stoked about being able to stay in the region because I had been in Hawke's Bay previously it was actually lovely about making more plans about staying in the region and continue some stuff that has already been started here.”

She adds that she’s ready to take the reins and tackle issues in the area.

“We are looking for opportunities to bring more staff in and to be more representative of our community. Burglary we are sort of having a few wins lately, interestingly we look at the meth problem and things like that and wonder if there's not a health component in that as well.”

A first for Police to have a Māori woman in charge of the Eastern District, however for the local people of Ngāti Porou including Victor Walker, it's a seamless fit.

“Te mea nui kia whakatata atu ia, kia whakapiri atu ia ki ngā tūmanako a tēnā hapū, a tēnā hapū, otirā i ngā karangaranga katoa o te Tai Rāwhiti nei.”

A natural leader in her own right, her first posting was in Christchurch in 1988, and then became the first woman to qualify as a detective in 1999. Kura says she feels a responsibility to be a role model for other women in the police.

“I'm not anything special, I think I'm just a regular person and I would like everybody else to think that actually, you can aspire to be the same as me. I'm a mum, I've been in the Police for thirty years, and I work hard. And anybody else who has those same attributes can come through policing and they can achieve whatever they want to.”

With only three ranks till Police Commissioner who knows what the future holds for Kura.