By Te Karere


She's a woman that has turned her own life around to help her family and now the community of Kaitaia.


Annie Tauroa runs Awhi Kaitaia which helps to feed the community.


She says, “The housing issue has [been] a big issue here. When you think that they don't need to be in that position, being in the Far North.”


Tauroa also says when the news story about Kaitaia being the criminal capital aired on TV, she wanted to do something about it, so she started a Facebook page and got the community to start doing things to help those less fortunate. She elaborates by saying, “What I wanted to do is to show whanau that they can do things because we're clever. Māori are clever, sorry about it. We are clever across the board.”


She has over 28,000 likes on her Facebook page ‘Annies Way Of Life’ and says, “It engaged with a lot of the right people. Knowing that I could do that I find my dot looking at me all the time and reach out to thousands of people was cool. You get to relate. They related to some of the topics. They shared their views.”


Tauroa is a beneficiary and she says her goal is to help other beneficiaries who are struggling, “They go to wait for payday, however, that's not going to tie them as a whanau so what can they do productively to get them out of that situation instead of thinking I'm going to wait until payday.”


She believes the community needs to help itself to get stronger and hopes by doing what she does it will help Kaitaia get out of the negative news and become a more positive place to live.