By Te Karere

Members of Mana Lion first met as strangers on the northern beaches of Sydney in 2012, now more than five years later, the band is back in Aotearoa.


Band member Duan Kaka says, “We love coming back here as much as we can, it’s good.”


Another member Aja Timu also adds, “See some sun, see your whānau, see your mates I grew up here so it’s so good to come back.”


Surprisingly, however, this is their first tour in their motherland showcasing their broad genre of music.


Kaka further explains their music, saying, “We’re a bit of an alternate reggae, dub, we have a little bit of rock. I think it gives us a little bit of an edge - try to keep it a bit broad to reach a bigger audience.”


Summer season is a hectic time for them doing tours, they were also a part of the opening of the Rhythm and Vines concert as well as the opening act for the Black Seeds and Katchafire's summer tours.


Kaka also adds that while it’s fun, it’s work, “It’s a lot of fun and it’s a lot of work too. I know my girlfriend thinks I just drink and having fun, it can be mentally draining at times but you got to try and give that energy to the crowd.”


They will return to Sydney at the end of the month where ManaLion will continue to do what they do best.