A report commissioned by Westpac has found that Māori businesses are growing faster than others. 

The Grow NZ survey reached over 12,000 businesses, and of that, 52% of Māori businesses reported positive growth compared to 35% of NZ European businesses. 

Teresa Tepania-Ashton, CEO of the Māori Women's Development Incorporation, says Māori are a lot more confident within the business. 

"I think, predominantly, we seem to be moving from that grievance mode into the growth mode, and it's probably because we are now a lot more confident and a lot more prepared in that entrepreneurial space." 

Tepania-Ashton believes Māori values are what drive people to succeed within business. 

"When we produce our inter-enterprise it's all about our whānau, it's all about our whānau, hapū and wider iwi, and I think we do it from the heart as well as the economic sense." 

The survey also found that 40% of women reported business growth in recent years, compared to 32% of men, and that Māori are among the most optimistic when it comes to doing business. 

Café owner Lisa Hawkins says optimism is essential when going into business due to the demands and pressures of the job. 

"I think if anyone has a business you have to be realistic, but you also have to be optimistic as well because you're always going to have issues, and you're always going to have negative feedback or just problems, so you have to be optimistic and just be confident."