The recent revelation that the country's suicide stats continue to increase has many asking where the solutions lie.

668 died from suicide last year, the highest on record.

Voluntary group Mana to Men who advocates for mental health have backed the Mental Health Foundation and have acted by fundraising at Hikuwai Plaza at AUT University City Campus yesterday.   

According to findings last year, the total suicide deaths for Māori was a total of 142, 97 of them Māori men.

Renata White, Māori student and Vice President of AUTSA the AUT Student Association says being true to yourself is a key factor.

“Admitting that you may have depression and other issues maybe thinking suicide.”

AUTSA Student Body President Dharyin Colbert says AUT provides services for its students.

“It’s really important to our tāne to know here at campus AUSM, AUSA, AUT the university itself is committed to supporting students.”

All funds will go towards the Mental