Tech Week is here.  For the first time ever, South Tech Week has launched in Tāmaki, giving low decile schools an opportunity to engage in a digital innovation space.

According to Ian Taylor, innovation is nothing new to Māori as the innate Māori innovation gene is something Māori have inherited from the tipuna (ancestors) since the time the tīpuna arrived in New Zealand.

“Everybody talks about it like its technology has just arrived, our Māori ancestors we're using it 100's of years ago and I think the more important thing.”

According to recent statistics, there are only a small number of Māori working in the digital and tech industry.

Taylor says this is a direct result of being deprived of traditional Māori knowledge.

“Why aren't they in this technology? Well, what do you expect if for the last 250 years you haven't let them hear the story of their ancestors who were the greatest technology innovators scientist astronomers in the world.”

This event was founded by the Southern Initiative, a branch of the Auckland Council.

Organiser Ayla Hoeta says they believe this event will bring significant exposure and opportunities for young adults.

“This gives them opportunities that they might not usually get, like most of our rangatahi are from schools that are low decile so they don’t get to events that are not close to them.”

Today is the last day for this event in Manukau. Organisers are hoping South Tech becomes an annual calendar event.