After a sell-out summer world tour the boys from Six60 are back in NZ on their final leg touring.

Bassist, Chris Mac says they are also on a search to give a singer the opportunity to join them on stage at their last concert in March.

“We've seen a few online videos that have been kind of surfacing but apparently a whole bunch is already in and I am sure we will get some more in by the time entries finish up on Monday. And then I guess we’ll sit down and have a look at a bunch of them and find someone who we think that's really good and that we would like to have on stage with us.”

Lead singer Matiu Walters says it's an opportunity for an artist to get noticed in the evolving music industry.

“Lucky we are in the industry that is ever changing. It allows you to approach different opportunities and hurdles. But we're optimists where there's risk, we see opportunities. We just put our head down and go for it.”

With a decade in the industry striving to work better as a group has been at the forefront, however, Mac says there can be some challenges.

“The number one challenge is finding someone who can do laundry. That is really tricky on the road. For all you young players out there, laundry.”

The latest single 'Closer' has dropped and they say the single has been the best music they have made.

This weekend the audiences in Hamilton will be able to hear it performed live.

You can find out more info here about the gig: