The Silver Ferns have had their last training run before the start of the Taini Jamison series that starts today.The team have been hit with injury with some of the stalwarts set to play limited time in the series as their build-up to the Commonwealth Games continues.


Coach Janine Southby says they are feeling the pressures of injury.


“You know, it's about being resilient and doing everything that you can possibly do as quickly as you can but without being stupid about it.”


Four of the top players are carrying injuries and two weeks out from the Commonwealth Games, there is a sense of anxiety.


Southby says she reached out to a former coach for advice.


“I've spoken to Wai (Waimarama Taumaunu) and the previous coach around what happened in 2014 in Glasgow and they had a number of injuries in the campaign. Once you get them in the campaign it's really hard to make changes, you can't, so you've got to work with what you've got in your squad.”

The Ferns are focused on the task at hand that is the Taini Jamison competition.

Southby also says they are also focused on the Commonwealth Games that are fast approaching.

“There will be some tired bodies and it's about picking yourselves up which is exactly what happens at Comm Games and making sure you do your recovery processes and you move  onto the next game pretty quickly.”

Malawi is the first opponent; the game begins at 8 pm in Auckland.