Here’s an abridged translation of today’s in studio interview between Te Karere host Scotty Morrison and resident sports expert, Tumamao Harawira. Today they talk basketball, LeBron James, Pou Temara and this weekend’s upcoming Super Rugby games with their picks of who they think are going to win.  


Scotty: Tumamao Harawira is here to talk sports. To the basketball, and the first finals game between the Golden State and the Cavaliers. Golden State won but what do you think? You watched it so how did it go?


Tumamao: Yes, it was a close game for the majority of it. In the end, yes, Golden State won.


But let’s talk about the ‘grandfather’ of the NBA, the old goat of the match, LeBron James. He scored 51 goals.  He really is getting to that ‘god-like’ level, he is almost getting to the same level as my idol Michael Jordan but he couldn't fill those shoes.


It's amazing to watch Lebron James and at 33 years old, in the basketball world, he is old at that level.


Scotty: You speak of the masters of basketball - LeBron James, Michael Jordan but above them all is Pou Temara [well respected Māori language educator].


He is totally above them and I know he's watching.


Scotty: The big game in Super Rugby this weekend is the Chiefs versus the Crusaders in Hamilton. What are your thoughts on who will win, as it looks like it'll be a close game?


Tumamao: Definitely. The one thing I don't like is an All Black team being named then the players get to return to home club teams. I think it'd be better if they follow what they do for the State of Origin. If a player is picked then they don't go back to their clubs but have to stay in the State of Origin camp.

But it's a big game before the small break in June for three weeks. This could be the last fire the team has before the upcoming short break.


Scotty: Exactly, they should get rid of Steve Tew and name you as the new head of NZ Rugby!


Tumamao: That's a good idea, I completely agree with that.


Scotty: Tonight the Highlanders take on the Hurricanes in Dunedin. How do you think that will go?


Tumamao: It seems that the Highlanders are being left behind by the stronger teams of the moment like Crusaders and the Hurricanes.


Scotty: They're the home team tonight though?


Tumamao: Yes, but if they don't win tonight then top sport could be out of reach for them compared to teams like the Hurricanes and Crusaders. As we know they will meet the winning teams of Australia and South Africa in the quarterfinals.


So if the Highlanders want to get to that position then they need to win this game.


Scotty: Your predictions for the Chiefs v Crusaders match tomorrow night?


Tumamao: I think the Crusaders will take it out.


Scotty: Me too.


Scotty: What about Highlanders v Hurricanes tonight?


Tumamao: It could be a long one to call, but I think the Highlanders will take it out.


Scotty: I agree! Tumamao Harawira, thank you for your time.