A scholarship programme dedicated to the late Silver Fern Tania Dalton is paving the way for rangatahi Māori to share their respective sporting talents.

Isla Norman-Bell (18) and Mahina Paul (17) are two recipients who will be using the scholarship to help them get to the Youth Touch World Cup in Malaysia. Both girls have been selected to compete in the NZ U18 team.

Norman-Bell says they’ve been given an opportunity to unlock their talents.

“Getting the Tania Dalton Scholarship has helped me so much, financially obviously, but also with the mentor; that's helped me to be a better person.”

Paul agrees and says it helps them in different stages of their development.

“The support allows for girls like Isla and me to pursue and continue playing the sport that we love.”

Over three years the scholarship will serve to help mitigate financial pressure so the teens are able to reach their full potential in their chosen sport. It also includes pastoral support in the form of mentors.