Some of the country's biggest fishing companies have been under-reporting their hoki catch by hundreds of tonnes, according to a leaked fisheries report. The report has been kept secret from the public for seven years and environmentalists say it casts doubt on industry claims that lucrative hoki is being fished sustainably. The companies include Sanford and Talley's. Hoki is the most valuable export fish, earning the country $230 million last year.

Greenpeace NZ executive director Russel Norman says the leaked report throws light on the underreporting by companies in the fishing industry.

“This report shows is that there’s just as much if not more dumping and underreporting going on in deep water fishery and the government knew all about it ‘cause they've got the report they sat on it for seven years and of course the fishing industry knows all about it 'cause they're doing it so they don't have a leg to stand on any more.”

Greenpeace is demanding the government launch an independent inquiry into the NZ fishing industry.