'One Love' the music festival that's popular with many young Māori has finished for another year and many of those fans are now heading home.

Every year, Sons of Zion has been a star attraction at the two-day reggae festival.

This gig according to Sons of Zion’s Rio Panapa, it’s just the start of what always turns out be a busy year for the band.

“Yeah I love it, every time it's one of our favourite festivals to play and every time it's just epic. The vibes are positive everyone who comes here is here for an enjoyable time it's just awesome.”

Sons of Zion was one of many features at One Love and Panapa says it’s a good start to a very busy year ahead.

“We're dropping a new album really soon and then we're going to be heading overseas to tour that album and then coming home to do some more touring here and then crack into the summer festivals like we usually do so yeah that's the plans.”

Even though they have performed for the last four years at One Love, Panapa also says they're always excited to come back.

“It’s a privilege, the other artists that are up there the calibre of other artists that are up there with us you know it's an honour. Thanks to Pato and his team for putting something together to celebrate reggae.”

Organiser Pato Alvarez says it’s only going to get bigger next year.

“I think next year is going to be the biggest line up that we ever have. We're going all in, all in.

I can't give any hints, but it's going to be big get ready because it's going to sell.”