The Minister for Women Julie-Anne Genter says investing in mothers will better address child poverty.

A report released by Genter yesterday shows single mums want to get into training, work and education but too many times the system hinders them from that.

The government hopes an overhaul of welfare will change that.

But single mum Cerise Maria Hettaway says the rules around working and receiving a benefit isn't encouraging.

"I look at a job and I have to calculate how much I would get and a lot of the time it's less than the benefit so why would you get off the benefit to do it, even if you are desperate to?"

Genter says it's an issue they want to address.

"We want to make it easier for people to know what they're entitled to and there aren't barriers to going back to training or part-time work."

Hettaway also says one of the big issues sometimes is understanding what assistance they are entitled to.

"The WINZ workers need to let women know, otherwise we are sitting there twiddling our thumbs and trying to figure out how we will buy bread and milk the next day."

Genter adds that findings from an expert advisory group on the issue are expected early next year.