A popular Hawaiian group has landed in the country ahead of this East Coast Vibes.


Rebel Souljahz is teaming up with Eli Mac ahead of the big summer gig and they credit their success to their fans here in Aotearoa.  


Member Tunez Moananu Jnr says, “Shout out to New Zealanders, thanks for all your support. A huge part of our success is because of here.”


Moananu also says they draw their inspiration from the haka and love shown to them by New Zealand fans in the past, “In the middle of the show they did a haka, every hair on my body was standing. I was in awe, it was so powerful.”


Joined by established Hawaiian artist, Eli Mac, she says she hopes their fusion will resonate with fans over the weekend, “I’m excited to see all the people, all the performers. I’m excited to get on that stage and perform in NZ for the first time.”


With ten years under their belt and having recently released their fourth album, the band is set to create more music, starting with them and Eli Mac gracing the East Coast Vibes stage this Saturday.