Kanah Andrews-Nahu is just 17 but she’s broken over 100 New Zealand records for weightlifting.

Her most recent achievement saw her lift gold in the Youth, Junior and Senior under 75kg weight divisions at the Oceania Weightlifting Championships - the first New Zealand youth athlete to win a senior title at the competition.

As a result, she’s been selected for the NZ Youth Olympic Games team and is now working with gold medallist Richie Patterson to master her craft.

“I feel very privileged to have a coach like Richie. He's been to multiple Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and just through his experience he teaches me so much.”

For Patterson the feeling is mutual.

“I'm pretty lucky to have her as an athlete, in terms of what she’s lifting it's exceeding all before her, I’m not quite sure what she's capable of – it’s new ground.”

Andrews-Nahu is the only NZ female weightlifter going to the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, in October.