There are five competitors in the running to be the new leader of the National Party.

The candidates are Ngāti Maniapoto man Simon Bridges, Judith Collins, Steven Joyce, Amy Adams and Mark Mitchell.

According to Bridges, one of the five contenders in the race to become the National Party leader, his iwi is supporting him.

“I'm getting some great texts and emails from around the country but also from Ngāti Maniapoto and look it's very heartening to get that kind of support.”

Mitchell isn't known for his genealogy like Bridges is, but he’s known for his skills as a hostage negotiator.

“I'm really comfortable with the support that I'm starting within caucus but that's the starting point for me and now it's up to me to go around to my caucus members and actually earn their support.”

Adams says she's a woman of integrity.

“I would always rather be straight with people. My integrity is something that means a tremendous amount to me. And also, I don't believe in engaging in personal attacks, I think if you can't debate on the merits then you've got a pretty poor argument.”

The future is the main focus for Joyce.

“I believe I have a strong vision for New Zealand's future. We've seen what's possible over the last few years and as a country. I think we can do better again and I think I have the experience and the skills to not only lead the National Party but have the contest of ideas with the current government.”

And Collins is confident about her chances of becoming party leader.

“Oh, they're looking good - thanks very much for caring.”

But National Māori members aren't divulging who their favourite candidate is, Shane Reti being one of them.

“We're still gathering information, still people putting their hat in the ring and we'll make that decision as a caucus.”

Harete Hipango is another who is remaining tight-lipped.

“I think of all the five candidates who have made themselves available - really good substantive quality material and so it's just a matter of wait and see for Tuesday the 27th next week.”

Although Tutehounuku Korako says the ideal person will be the one who will continue on in Bill English’s legacy.

“My whole thing is going to be about what are they’re going to do to actually continue the legacy that Bill English put in place around Māori development.”

Next week, there will be a new leader and deputy leader to fill Bill English's shoes.