QWIT is an app that combines vaping with behaviour modification.

Its promoters say the initiative is a world first for smoking cessation programmes.

They also claim it's twice as effective as any other method.

The product has been tested by Kiwi smokers and spokesperson QJ Satchell says results show it could double the success rates of patches, gum and Quitline programmes.

“69% of people who used the QWIT app and vaping device completely stopped smoking and the remaining 31% had a drastic reduction in their smoking rates.”

43-year-old Ngāpuhi woman Lulu Arama has been a smoker since she was 13 and says her new QWIT vape is her saving grace.

“I’m completely smoke-free, and saving a lot of money and doing things that me and my partner couldn’t do before.”

Arama smoked three packets per week spent $100 per week on cigarettes and have tried to quit twice before she says it’s now time to kick the habit for her children and grandchildren.

“I want to be here for them and grow up with them so both me and my partner when we heard about this we wanted to jump on board.”

According to MOH, it's estimated that there are 650,000 smokers in NZ, 35% are Māori.

The QWIT app is available on Google Play and the App Store and the creators are encouraging those who want to quit to give it a go.