National's Māori Development spokesperson, Tutehounuku Korako, is questioning why there are no Māori representatives on the Public Media Advisory Board.   

National’s Māori Development spokesperson claims the panel charged with scoping out the future of public broadcasting is void of any Māori faces. Māori media groups aren't impressed either.

Erina Temopo, Chief Executive of Ngā Aho Whakaari, the national body for Māori in the film and tv industry, is concerned.

“Kei hea te kanohi Māori? We are missing Māori representation at this really important early juncture. So this working group in its early days needs to really involve Māori.”

Ngā Aho Whakaari met with Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran the other day about her five-member ministerial advisory group which is set to investigate the setting up of a public media funding commission.

Meanwhile, Korako is accusing the Broadcasting Minister of ignoring Māori input.

“So when we look at the Māori broadcasting media platforms, which Te Karere is part of that, they rely heavily on public funding. And so any decisions that are made on behalf of Māori, when it comes to Māori broadcasting, well, at the moment, they're actually nowhere near sitting at the table.”

There's one position vacant on that panel. Will the minister fill that position with a Māori representative?

Only time will tell.