There's mixed results for the two major political parties in the latest One News-Colmar-Brunton poll.

National will be buoyed by their rise in popularity at Labour's expense but Labour says the opposition's new leader is failing to resonate with voters.   

Acting PM Kelvin Davis says Labour’s strength lies in their collective.

“The government's still strong on 54%, we're still higher than we were on election night. We thought that the previous poll was a bit strange and so we're sort of not surprised that it's come down.”

According to the Colmar-Brunton poll: National's up by 1% on 44%, Labour's down 5% on 43%,  6% support the Greens and New Zealand First is there with 5%.

Although the Māori Party isn't in parliament anymore they're polling at 1%.

According to Marama Davidson, for the Greens, it's signed for them that people are still happy with their policies.

“He tohu pai tēnei kua piki ake te tautoko mō ngā Kākāriki ki te ono ōrau i tēnei wā - he tohu pai tērā kua piki ake te tautoko mō ngā tirohanga o ngā Kākāriki.”

And Davis says National leader Simon Bridges is struggling.

“David Cunliffe when he became the leader of the Labour Party debuted on 12%/ Simon Bridges is on 10%. He needs to be looking over his shoulder because we know Amy Adams and Judith Collins are probably rubbing their hands together with glee.”

But Bridges says the public has concerns about Labour’s economic management ability.

“Growing concern about the leaching around from the government about their economic management - whether it's fuel taxes, whether it's cutting off a big slab of the economy with oil and gas - these sort of things will be starting to concern New Zealanders.”

Regardless, it seems Bridges still has a lot of bridges to build.