In 24 hours, Northcote electorate voters go to the polls to choose a replacement for former National minister Jonathan Coleman. 

Labour's candidate Shanan Halbert believes he has a real chance of wresting the seat off National and yesterday day he was joined by the Prime Minister on the campaign trail. 

Transport and affordable housing form a major part of Halbert's electoral platform. 

Halbert says he will campaign to the bitter end, even selling his name jokingly to his heavily pregnant leader who is due anytime soon.


"It's generous support that our Prime Minister has given this campaign to come over. And it just re-energises us anytime that she is with us. I keep on saying that will have a little nephew soon and I am the number one uncle in my whānau. I even gave her a suggestion that Shanan was a great name."


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says any speculation that the by-election could be a test of the new Labour government is incorrect.


"We want to make sure that this is about Northcote. It's Northcote's chance to have their say on who represents them in parliament. I know that transport housing this redevelopment that has come up time and time again to come out and vote for the people who will advocate for the best."


Halbert is tasked with winning an electorate that has been held by National since 2005. 

The results will be known after polling day on Saturday.