PM Jacinda Ardern is at Tūrangawaewae Marae and meeting with King Tuheitia yesterday.

It’s an opportunity for both sides to share their hopes but also a chance for the Labour Party to reset their relationship.

The PM says it’s both a first and a homecoming as well.

“You know even though this is my first time coming to Tūrangawaewae, Waikato is my home and to be joined by Ngāti Haua as the people who I grew up with was particularly special.”

Kīngi Tuheitia invited the government to his home to discuss the issues facing Māori and his hopes for a new way of doing things that would require Māori MPs to work together.

Last year the King was open about his support for the Māori Party as a voice for Māori by Māori.

It’s was an exciting day for the local people here, who are staunch Labour supporters based on the results at the last election.

The request by the King today will take a bit more work until the outcomes are seen.

And the iwi hopes that connection to the land will ensure a close and warm working relationship.