PM Jacinda Ardern has left baby Neve Te Aroha at home and has returned to work, back to the proverbial the firing line.

Ardern expresses her gratitude at being able to take maternity leave. 

“Yeah, absolutely. I feel like I've been gifted by the New Zealand public by my team and with the help of the acting prime minister, this time to be with Neve has been wonderful, but of course this unique circumstance I really am keen to get back to work.”

Partner Clarke Gayford will be Neve Te Aroha’s primary caregiver. PM Ardern acknowledges that her situation is fortunate. 

“My partner has the ability to parent and I have my family, my extended family around me - I'm lucky there are lots of people who transition back into roles that don't have that, so that's what makes this abnormal as well.”


1News Colmar Brunton Poll results

According to the 1News Colmar Brunton poll PM Jacinda Ardern is sitting on 40% as preferred PM, heads and shoulders above National Party leader Simon Bridges who sits on 10%. NZ First Party leader Winston Peters sits on 5% 

Ardern says the result is reflective of how well he has handled the role of Acting Prime Minister. 

“He has done the job I absolutely expected that he would and he's done a great job.”

When it comes to how people rated Winston Peters time as Acting Prime Minister, 26% responded he’d done a good job, 57% replied he’d done okay with 6% advising he’d done bad. 

When it comes to the preferred party to govern the country, National is the most preferred party sitting on 45%.