The Hauraki settlement was signed at parliament yesterday with the $250 million package being the biggest collective settlement to date.

Hauraki Collective spokesperson Paul Majurey says Pare Hauraki have been waiting for over 40 years to achieve this milestone. 

"Today's a very important day. It's the culmination of decades and decades of work it's been the leader of a lot of folks who brought us to this place."

There is a consolidation of claim from 12 Hauraki iwi that centred on land alienations by the crown and an area that covers Pukekohe to Moehau to Te Puna. 

Tauranga Moana iwi has long opposed these claims as they say their lands are being claimed by Hauraki. 

The claim has been changed though with Matakana Island left out of the claim. 

Tauranga iwi called for a tikanga based resolution process before the signing of the deed of settlement, but it never eventuated. 

The Treaty Negotiations Minister Andrew Little says the time has come to start discussions moving forward. 

"Right now it's everybody's job to resolve those issues so that people can continue to live peacefully and live in peace with the settlement as well."

On July 27, Hauraki invited Tauranga Moana to be involved in a tikanga-based resolution on  overlapping interests in Katikati, Te Puna and Tauranga Moana itself.